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Scottish Borders Website Design

As a business in the Scottish Borders, you will be aware of how much of a tight-knit community it is. Therefore, your image to that community is incredibly important. Your website is your ‘store front’ or your online ‘face’. This is how people will view you and base their initial opinions on you. Therefore, it is essential to get off to a good start from the get-go. First impressions matter after all.

Why Do I Need a Website?

I have no doubts that you may have many questions before taking the leap towards a redesign of your website, or perhaps even your first website. That is why I will try and answer as many questions as possible, in a concise and easy to understand manner.

More Customers

Simply put. Having a well made and effective website will maximise the number of customers you will receive. More than 2.4 BILLION people use the internet every day. To put that into perspective. That is essentially like owning a store in an area which has 2.4 Billion pedestrians. Of course nowhere near all of them will pass you store. However, there is a huge potential which you can capitalise upon.

Time to Show Off

Having a website allows you to show of your work and your achievements. Perhaps you sell a product, you can show people what it is that you sell. Or you sell a service, you can show testimonials of your happy clients, as well as the success they have found from receiving your service. Perhaps you’re an artist, and you want to display your art in an online gallery, or even sell it online. The possibilities are endless here. Having a website is the ultimate way to show off what you have to offer.

24/7 Store

You don’t need to lock up a website, you don’t need to open it back up in the morning. Having a website is the self-running 24/7 shop/store-front that you’ve always dreamed of.


Having a professionally made website allows you and your business to be portrayed in a professional light. Not only does that improve the image of your business, but how people perceive you. That perception can have a significant impact upon their likelihood to work with you. We now live in a day and age where people are less likely to use a business or service if there isn’t a website linked to it. To use a real life example, I was looking for a barber in my local town recently, and very few of them had websites. They just had online directory listings, which had very little information and little to no contact details. In the end, I used the business which did actually have a website in my local area, which allowed me to send them an email to book an appointment. I can’t be the only person out of 2.4 billion people every day who thinks like that.

Should I Hire a Web Designer?

  1. You could try and teach yourself Website Design, like many have tried to in the past. It is a complete possibility. However, not everyone has the time to put hundreds of hours into perfecting the art. While that may sound a bit ‘wishy washy’ and an exaggeration. It is, in fact, an art. There is more to it than simple coding. For example, someone may know how to hold a paintbrush, and how to mix colours, and use brush strokes. However, if they don’t know how to combine everything to create a wonderful painting, then those skills are useless. Therefore, you may not want to spend countless hours learning a skill, and then be disappointed with the finished product.
  2. It isn’t as simply as designing a website. A professional Website Designer will know how to optimise your site so that it performs for you and your business. That includes optimisation of Google Rankings, and making sure that everything on your site flows in the most beneficial manner for you and your business.

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