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#1 Edinburgh SEO Experts

ArcticPanda specialises in the ‘local SEO’ niche. This essentially means that we specialise in the marketing of companies in a specific area. For example, let’s say you are a dentist located in Edinburgh. We would aim to help you get to the first position of Google for relevant local search terms. Such as: “Edinburgh Dentist” and “Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh”. We perform in-depth keyword research to determine the most profitable and worthwhile areas to focus on in the local area. Often companies are trying to focus on overly broad and highly competitive keywords. If you’re a dentist surgery located in Edinburgh, there’s no point in trying to rank for generic keywords, such as “Best Cosmetic Dentist”, as you have no interest in people who are half way across the country.

Obviously there can be exceptions to this. To use an example, car dealers often sell cars to people who are across the country, or even in a different country. However, if your business specifically focusses on local individuals, then local SEO is something you NEED to be using. There’s no doubt about it, we are the leading Edinburgh SEO Experts. After all, how did you find us? Likely from searching for “Edinburgh SEO Expert” or “SEO Edinburgh” (or similar terms). If we can do it for ourselves, we can help your company too!

Uncertainty of SEO

SEO is a long term game, plain and simple. It isn’t an on/off switch, and you’re not going to see results instantly. That is why some people do not pursue SEO. There is no instant gratification when it comes to this area of marketing. So, if you’re looking to get results in 7 days, then we would highly recommend you look elsewhere. However, in the long term, this has proven to be one of the most profitable forms of marketing for your business, hands down.

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If you’re interested in how ArcticPanda can help your business with your local SEO, then please use this form in order to get in contact. We would like to arrange a consultation to discuss the best plan of action for your business, and how we could proceed to deliver quality results.

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